Only War: Necromunda Part II [Outlanders]

A special thanks to everyone who enjoyed part one! Because of your interest, I have decided to delve deeper into Necromunda lore and add some creation mechanics for the Outlander gangs. This will include both the Outlanders from the original game as well as later editions and expansions. Stay tuned for additional rules variants and equipment!

Quick Overview

Unlike the core gangs of Hive Primus, the Outlanders have different motivations. For the vast majority it would simply be survival, or to carve out territory in the worst conditions of the Underhive. For example the the Spyre Hunters must prove their worth, while the Adeptus Arbites are attempting to bring order, etc. The links provided should gleam some insight to motivations and background of each type in case you are interested. Additionally, each Outlander Gang will have special benefits and restrictions. If any equipment is mentioned, it will be fleshed out in the gang’s section!

The Outlanders

Here is a taste of what is to come! Click on the links to find out more, but I have placed a quick descriptor next to each name so you get an idea of what type of gang you will be working with!

Scavvies – In the many worlds of the Imperium, mutants can be found. Unlike other notable abhumans, the Scavvies would never be found in the ranks of the imperial guard. Instead they are outcasts that are forced to keep clear of settlements and wander from place to place. Although disfigured and horrible, they strive to band together… if only to survive another day.

Pit Slaves – When someone is convicted of a crime they are not sent to prisons, but rather are forced to work in the pits doing hard labor. That person then becomes a pit slave, and fitted with cybernetic attachments to allow of various tasks. Once in a while some will band together in order to escape these conditions. Unlike many gangs, the Pit Slaves are always on the run from the enforcers, their former masters, and those who are just looking to collect on a quick bounty.

Redemptionists – Originally an offshoot of Cawdor, the church of the redemption has found its way beyond the world of Necromunda into the far reaches of the Imperium of Man. Fanatical and zealous don’t begin to describe them. Also, they have a true affinity for fire, burning heretics, etc. After all, if you are not with them, you are a heretic!

Ratskins – Unlike the rest of the population of Hive Primus, the Ratskins have adapted to the ecosystem of the Underhive and thrived. Viewed as primitive to nearly everyone, they are however valued as scouts and guides against the harsh environments. Occasionally they will form warbands to protect their own and prove their mettle.

Spyre Hunters – When the young elite of Hive Primus want to prove themselves amongst the aristocracy, they are fitted into high tech armor and sent into the Underhive for a specific goal. Together they must work as a team to accomplish the objective, knowing full well that they will not come home until they do. Only those who return are seen as worthy of leading their family in the future. Some love the thrill of battle so much that they will return again year later to lead a new team.

Adeptis Arbites [Aka Enforcers]- One part shock trooper and one part police force. Enforcers are kitted with enough arms and armor to make them formidable to anyone. Their goal is the arrest or eradication of gangs and outlanders alike. With the backing of the Adeptis Arbites, they are also one of the few gangs that don’t need to worry about making a profit. For them, the true reward is carrying out the law.

One Last Thing!

Once we have the Outlanders squared away, the next sections could focus on aspects of the Underhive itself. Please let us know if you have any requests!

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