image courtesy of NASA

Sol is an alternate campaign setting for my Europa of Jupiter game. Its a little more hard science, but still pretty out there.

Sol – The Sun, which is encased in a Dyson Sphere. The majority of workers live on this “planet” doing mundane ordinary jobs. People are bred for jobs as on Mercury, but it can’t be as strictly regulated. The sphere acts as a giant battery, and is connected to mercury with a space elevator. Mercury is also encased in its own sphere, and doesn’t rotate around anymore, just spins.

Mercury – The main planet. Ascetically, it looks a lot like Tron Legacy, and is super future cyber awesome. Strict totalitarian, they harvest the energy from the sun (Heat, gravity, light) and sell it off world. Their world has a super abundance, but others have very little of all 3. Elite troupe of ruling class (like 5000 + families all on planet) run the show as Exalts and have outstanding amounts of wealth, which is directly measured in joules. Others are bred for specific tasks and changing tasks is all but impossible. Most people bred for a task look alike (a male and female version for each task), and look like they could be twins. (If variances like weight, age, and lifestyle were applied differently) Mercury is the seat of the main government that lays claim to most everything. People moved onto here once they ruined the earth.  The corporation that runs the sphere, and thus the government, is known as SolCorp.

Venusian Mines – Floating mines, used as a prison colony and owned by SolCorp. People are sent here for any offense, and sometimes none at all. Think Cloud City. Mines Carbon from the atmosphere.

Terra – Old Earth. Trash heap, rubble, and desolate. Totally irradiated and wholesale abandoned. No sunlight makes earth a very different place. Many of the larger space stations crashed onto the planet without burning up. None are left in orbit.

Luna – the Moon. Lunar colonies were told to remain loyal once humanity moved to Sol, but with the great distances, most people realized they didn’t have to. They are all but abandoned by SolCorp, and make their living selling scraps of old tech, and artifacts from Terra. Rough and tumble backwoods that most people avoid. Most people here are doing something illegal. Riddik style shine jobs are not uncommon, although most wear IR goggles.

Mars – The last vestige of freedom from tyrannical SolCorp. Very similar to the wild west. People here mine the planet for raw goods. Mercury has been trying to control it for years, and it looks like it is finally starting to happen. They have trade business with SolCorp, but are not officially a part of the empire. They established their independence shortly after settling Mars, and refuse to surrender. Even if they do have to trade more and more with SolCorp for the electricity they need to survive. Every year more and more businesses are bought out. They weren’t huge fans of that old earth company encasing their sun, but there isn’t a lot they can do about it. Many attempts to set up their own power plants for geothermal, or kinetic power are sabotaged. SolCorp has determined a direct war of conquest is more costly than its worth, and knows they will win in the long term.

Asteroids – People are setting up shop in their asteroid mines, running small one of independent systems. Sol is planning on dealing with this once they settle mars.

Races: Humans, Stock, or Android. (Stock being genetically engineered for a task) (Android being super rare off Mercury.)

  • Humans – Free increase to a stat
  • Stock – free increase to three tasks.
  • Android – robot.

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