Runterra Update

I recently published a review of the WoTC Legends of Runeterra crossover content. Today, the wizards DNDBeyond twitter account announced some new information, and I’ll be updating the post to contain it.

The updates indicate that this is a limited time event, and the content will be going away on 8/10. So if you like it save it.

This ties into a larger theme regarding WoTC online presence. They seem to consistently drop the ball when it comes to “The Internet”. Its a highly popular supplement released online for free. Fantastic, everyone loves it. I’ve seen lets play videos of folks raving about the content, and know people building characters using the content or starting games in the setting. WoTC has a successful thing on their hands. Why shut it down? Who knows, but maybe there is a good reason. Its not actually shut down though.

Its one thing to pull the band-aid off and tell people “hey this content is going away don’t start long term games using it, and make sure you end your other games with the 8/10 date in mind”. It sucks, but at least its over. As is, you’ll have people playing characters in a Bilgewater setting for years to come, because the game hasn’t ended. What do they do when a new player joins, or a PC dies and someone needs to reroll?

  1. Homebrew something
  2. only play the same stuff their old PC, or another PC in the party used
  3. have been smart enough to save the content locally prior to 8/10
  4. google for it, and find one of the various piracy sites that will host it.

I’ll take bets on which one people are going to actually do.

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