Fighting Game RPG

I think the idea of a fighting game style RPG, in the vein of Street Fighter has some legs. My Zoo York post goes into it some, but this post is my draft and in-progress work on the mechanics, and not a specific setting or campaign. Ultimately, the hang up I need to solve is how to transition from 1v1 team fights into a 5 man band adventuring group. The Street Fighter RPG, doesn’t really do a good job of it, and before I spend much more time on this, I need to find a solution. Since I started this project, the Street Fighter Board game came out, and it may give a lot of ideas, or solve the problem entirely. I need to get my hands on a copy.

Basic Mechanics

d20 to hit, d20 to defend. Counter roll for all attacks. Needs to be d20+X vs D20+X. no modifiers and minimal buffs.


Stats start at 1. Get 15 points to start, increasing 1-1. None above 6 to start.

  • Strong Attacks – spend multiple actions to deal multiple damage. Some trigger on your current action and then spend your next few to cool. Some charge on actions and then trigger.
  • Defense
  • Fast attack – 1 action, 1 damage
  • Special attack – fireballs and stuff. Unique, to include its own “spell list”.
  • Speed – actions per round.
  • Toughness – 4+Damage track boxes available. Is directly HP.

Rules to Include

Ultra – as you take damage, you build charges. This unlocks some Special Attacks.
Special – as you deal damage, you build charges. This unlocks some Special Attacks.

Stunned – if X damage condition happens, you lose your next Y actions.

Actions and Combat

Actions are taken alternating, each round. Any left over are piled on at the end. highest speed goes first. This means people with lots of actions get a bunch at the end of every round.

Block: Take an action to reduce damage taken until your next action. Include Chip Damage.

Movement – square based. Characters can move their speed in squares at any point throughout a round, but all movement is done on their turn. If you step next to someone they can take an immediate fast attack before you attack. This takes away reactor’s last action in a turn if they have one.

Money = starting gear points. Determined by special attack. Everyone has the same. Can be used to buy and become proficient in: guns, swords, robot arms, body armor, but also hadokens. without proficiency, guns/swords/weapons are totally ineffective. build a list of each item, and how many points it costs. very abstract on items (“handgun” level of detail).

Optional rules
Lifestyle – Indicates daily expenses, and infrequent splurge limits. Splurge starts a cool down of 3d6 days until “next payday” before it can be used again.
Skills – Pull Shadowrun’s (or maybe rifts?) list, format it for this. No combat skills. Everyone gets X points to spend for ranks and can make d20 checks vs a dc.

*Corrected for grammar and typos 7/26/2020

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