Heaven and Hell

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a fantasy RPG for a while. One of the things I think would be neat is to play a really high end game where you just mess up the setting. The challenge with this is that games tend to break down as you reach higher levels, getting complicated, unbalanced, and actually kind of boring sometimes.

For this campaign the players would take the role of Celestial or Infernal agents. Probably Balors or Solars or other high end monsters. Unlike normal, planar travel isn’t really possible, for the most part. Instead, Celestial and Infernal agents are able to enter the mortal realm for specific time periods. For 100 years, Infernal agents can come and go freely. The next 100 years though, Celestial agents can do the same. Then a 100 year period of rest, followed by a 100 year period where both can go, before the cycle repeats again. Infernal/Celestial/None/Both. When not on the material plane, they must work through influence, visions, and their followers.

Assuming the PCs are Celestials, the game would then take the path of a traditional Infernal invasion arc, with the players taking the role of divine servants to stop it, and probably just limiting the damage. Then an arc where they are Solars and OP Celestial agents down on earth, cleaning house, and advancing their agenda directly. Next a period where the players are back to servants and play against other servants, and lastly a big blow out Celestial v Infernal war. Repeat for as many cycles as it takes for them to “Win”.

It’s a little different than a normal game, there would almost need to be Crusader King style succession plans built out, where you really hope you did enough to get a good follower, but I think it could do well for a shorter session, long running game.

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