Only War: Necromunda Outlanders [Scavvies]


The Underhive is a dangerous place, and it doesn’t help that the environment is made up of the industrial runoff from the countless factories above. It is no small surprise that over thousands of years exposure to said toxins have created many a mutant. Necromunda is home to a plethora of mutants, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. The Scavvies represent this group of social outcasts that wander the Underhive. Using what crude weapons or allies they can scrape together, the Scavvies can prove a formidable force.

How to Play a Scavvie Gang

In TTRPG terms, the Scavvies are outcasts and social pariahs. They are subject to pity or fear, and are never accepted into mainstream society. The Scavvies that do band together do so to survive or just to make a name for themselves. Their greatest strength is their mutations and allies. Apply the following modifiers when creating a Scavvies:

+3 WS, +3 T, +3 Fel, -3 Ag

Skills & Talents

Scavvies will also receive the following skills and Talents:

  • [Skills] – Athletics, Intimidate, Survival
  • [Talents] – Diehard, Cold Hearted, Hatred (Redemptionists), Weapons Group [Low-tech]
  • [Regimental Favored Weapon] – [Standard] Flintlock Rifle [Heavy] Harpoon Gun

Additional Features

  • [Mutations] – Every mutant who makes it into a gang must have some advantageous mutation. Any random rolls for mutations will come from this table.
  • [Cannibalism] – If the Scavvies take a prisoner, they can consume them to avoid the effects of starvation.


Scavvies do not follow traditional specialty norms. They are limited to: Sergeant, Ogryn (renamed Scalies), Weapon Specialists, Plague Zombies and Scavvie Dogs. There can be only one Sergeant (who becomes the leader of the group), two Scalies, and one Medic allowed in any gang. Weapon Specialist will essentially fill the ranks of any Scavvie gang. Additionally, there is no upward limit to the amount of Plague Zombies or Scavvie Dogs in any one gang.

Scavvies – Your run of the mill mutant. Their mutations are what set them apart.

  • [Mutations] – Every ghoul begins with two randomly determined mutations. You can add one more mutation (random) every time the player raises in rank.
  • [Restriction] – Certain mutations may prevent armor from being worn.

Scalies – These are hulking abhumans unique to Necromunda itself. Any Scavvy leader lucky enough to find one will certainly keep them for as long as possible. When creating a Scalie, use Ogryn specialization with the following modifications:

  • Characteristic Bonus +20 Strength, +10 Toughness, -10 Agility
  • Starting Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Defense, Offense, Strength, Toughness, Weapons Skill
  • Starting Skills: Intimidate or Survival
  • Starting Talents: Size (Hulking), Sturdy, Unnatural Strength (4), Unnatural Toughness (+2)
  • Starting Traits: Regeneration 1, Natural Armor (Full body 4) , Aquatic, Natural Weapon, Mute
  • Specialist Equipment: One Harpoon Gun or One Blunderbuss, 1d4 Tox Bombs
  • Wounds 25+1d5
  • Aquatic – Can breath underwater
  • Regeneration (including lost limbs) – Make a toughness check every round. If successful, regenerate one wound. Lost limbs, organs, etc. can regenerate within 1d4 days.
  • Natural weapon claws (1d10+ strength mod R)
  • Mute – Cannot speak
  • Restriction – Cannot wear armor

Scavvie Dogs – Both people and animals are subject to mutations in the Underhive. Scavvie have a knack of finding packs of these wild abominations and bringing them into the fold. Scavvie Dog do not gain experience.

  • WS 40, BS -, S 30, T 30, Ag 30, Int 20, Per 30, WP 30, Fel30
  • Skills – Awareness (per), Traits – Berserk Charge
  • Armor: None, Weapons: Teeth (1D10+3 R)

Plague Zombies – Even in Necromunda you cannot get away from zombies. Fortunately for the Scavvies, plague zombies do not find them appetizing, so many a scavvy gang will swell the ranks with whatever zombies they can corral. For the the purposes of mechanics, Plague Zombies will never attack any mutants. Also, Zombies can never gain experience and will always remain the same. Use the following stats to represent them:

  • WS 20, BS -, S 30, T 30, Ag 15, Int -, Per 15, WP -, Fel-
  • Skills – Awareness (per), Traits – Fear from Beyond, Fearless, Mob, Plague, Unnatural Toughness x3,
  • Armor: None, Weapons: Claws & Teeth (1D10+3 R)
  • Fear – Once a character has successfully passed one Fear Test from the plague zombies, he is immune to their Fear effect.
  • Mob – Instead of the usual bonuses for outnumbering an opponent, plague zombies gain a +10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests and +1 bonus to damage dealt for each additional
  • plague zombie engaging their target. If not engaged, plague zombies always shamble towards the nearest target, charging if possible. If engaged they use All Out Attacks against any available target, choosing the target they attacked during the previous turn if possible.
  • Plague – If a person takes damage by the bite or claws of a Plague Zombie, they may make a toughness roll -10% or become infected. Once infected there is no cure and the host will turn into a plague zombie in 1d4 days. Replace their existing stats with those outlined above.

Extra Equipment:

  • Harpoon Gun – 120m; S/ -/-; 1d10 + 5 Rending; Pen 8; Snare (0), Tearing
  • Tox Bombs – Thrown SBx3 range; S/ -/-; 1d10 + 5 Explosive; Toxic (4)
  • Discus – Thrown SBx3 range; S/ -/-; 1d10 + Str Rending; Tearing

Paying for Upkeep:

This section will be expanded on, but keep in mind that credits will keep your gang fed and equipped. After major battles or during down time, even the Plague Zombies and Scavvie Dogs must be fed or taken care of. This means that credits will have to be spent on them to keep them around. Otherwise they will wander off.

This conversion is part of the greater Necromunda/Only War conversion series. Find the Archive here!

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