The Boiled Pit

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History: The Boiled Pit is in the heart of an industrial district in an abandoned tannery. Originally purchased on the sly after the tanner went bankrupt, elements of its former purpose abound. Its clear that after the owners abandoned it, the minimum amount of effort possible was put into a conversion. In fact, rumor has it that the spirits served here were originally a mishap on the part of the Ghrekkor as he failed at the tanning process and, well goblins are goblins.

Staff: The Pit is owned and operated by Ghrekkor Kholdruz, a notoriously cheap hobgoblin penny pincher. He invests no money into the establishment, and spends his time by the door where he also acts as a combination bouncer, host, and cashier. He employs a collection of between 4 and 12 goblins, depending on which ones he has stiffed on pay that week. The goblins theoretically staff the bar and serve drinks, but are more there for protection in case he has trouble at the door. They have no problem dog-piling a much bigger foe and filling his back with daggers. Generally two or three can be found in back working on the brew or meats with the rest milling about the floor.

Clientele: High society would not be caught dead at The Pit. Instead, its populated by a motley collection of society’s dregs. The cast offs who take dirty jobs unwanted by upstanding folks, and any of the various less upstanding monstrous races.

Ambiance: There are no rooms to rent, or services offered here. Just spirits and mean looks. Tables are a seat yourself affair, and frankly so are the drinks. Most regulars know to head behind the bar and fill their own tankard from one of the three or four unlabeled casks in back if they want any service. Although somehow Ghrekkor is always ready to collect exact payment when they go to leave. Newcomers tend to sit for a while, as the staff is usually busy with some other distraction. Most of the seating and tables are strewn about old casks or kegs that are arranged in a circles throughout. Its clear this place has not been cleaned. Not just in a while, but probably since establishment.

Food and Drink: The beverages served here are brewed behind a curtained off section. Its easy enough for patrons to watch the process if they are so inclined, but most are not. The old tanning equipment is clearly in heavy use, as animal carcasses are boiled down, and reduced. Then, heavy doses of grain alcohol are added to the sludge before it goes through the strainer and finally sealed in the kegs. As for food, assorted raw or boiled meat is usually for sale, but rarely ordered.

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