D&D Roll w/ Advantage

D&D Live has announced an upcoming weekend of live play, June 18-20. Its a really good collection of live games, and certainly worth catching if you like celebrity D&D games.

Thursday: Mystery product reveal and adventure reveal, along with an interesting live game. The actress Deborah Ann Woll is the DM. Thats really neat to me, in that she doesn’t directly work for WoTC, and I’ve never seen her DM before. She did that Relics and Rarities show, but I don’t know that anyone watched it. Players include constant celebrity D&D guy, Matt Lillard, but also Amy Acker, Janina Gavankar, and Sam Richardson. Thursday also includes something called a D&D Gameplay reveal. I’m not really sure what that could be, because most of us have seen D&D, but who knows.

Friday: Two games on Friday, one is a D&D Red Nose game, to raise money for charity. Chris Perkins runs this one, and you have Felicia Day stepping in along with Brett Gelman, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and Martin Starr. More actors, but these all have a decidedly “nerd” bend to the work they do. The also have some panels before a second game. This one is called “Comedians play D&D” and its got comedians with an unspecified DM. I assume Jeremy Crawford or Perkins will step back in for it, but they don’t say. I like Thomas Middleditch and Brian Posehn enough to tune in on name recognition, and Kevin Sussman is funny enough.

Saturday: Two games again. Perkins runs the first which is called a Lost Odyssey Heroes Game. For whatever that is, I assume something related to the new book somehow. they have David Harbour and Brandon Routh as players, but 2 seems low. I wonder if they bring any others on. Lastly is a WWE Game, run by Crawford and packed with wrestlers. Alexa Bliss, Tyler Breeze, Dio Maddin, Ember Moon and Xavier Woods.

Overall, this seems like it will be a solid line up of games, and I’d tune into most of them. Ironically the one I’m least interested in is the charity one, but we will see. I am curious if they can actually pull this off though. They have a track record of bungling anything related to the internet, and it certainly seems like something they may have oversold.

One other perk I’m seeing here. Seems like a conscious choice to break away from only white dudes in the lets play’s. They pulled Deborah in to GM one of 5 games, and only 8/18 players are white guys. I get tired of only seeing white dudes in these, and there are plenty of non white dudes who are interested.

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