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Krusk runs games for money. You can learn more about it here or just jump straight to booking them here.


Games are $20 per person per four-hour session, with a minimum of 4 people per session. I also have a maximum of 8 people per session. If you have fewer players, you can split the cost of an open seat among you, or someone can pay for two. I won’t lock a time/date in until I get payment from at least 4 players, so pre-paying is advised for longer campaigns once you’ve gotten settled and feel like it’s the right thing for you. 

In Person vs Virtual. If you’re in the DMV we can do in person sessions (or if you want to pay to fly me somewhere, lets talk). An in-person session tends to be quicker paced and more gets accomplished. That said, an in-person session also includes set up and breakdown time for me, as I’m going to bring maps, minis, books, etc. Pricing is the same as a virtual session. More than 30 minutes of travel time probably has a charge associated based on travel time.

If you want something else, like GM prep help, coaching, or an event, let’s talk. Roughly speaking, we are talking $50 an hour of facetime (not including my prep prior or after the event). 

Refunds. No, but you don’t have to keep booking me.

Session 0

Session 0 is a virtual meeting of players and the GM to ensure this is the right game for everyone. This is a half price session, and strongly recommended.

  • An anonymous safety tools checklist will be sent out ahead of time. Please fill it out beforehand. 
  • Generally speaking, games will be at most “Rated PG-13”, but we will use lines and veils to dial this in for each campaign.
  • LGBTQIA+ NPCs will exist in the world. If this is off putting to you, don’t book me. 
  • I run games with a “fade to black” approach to romance.
During Session 0

We will… 

  • Review the anonymized lines and veils for appropriate tone and expectations. 
  • Create a shared document with those lines/veils, character descriptions, campaign information, and house rules posted.
  • Discuss character building and party composition.
  • Build or finalize characters.
  • Teach the game system
  • Ensure proper access to all tools IE roll20, discord, etc. 
  • Make decisions like, will we have cameras on or off, is anyone bringing food, what time/date/location are we playing, and the like. 

Session Rules

  • Start Times: Because this is a paid game, any sessions will start promptly 15 minutes after the designated time, regardless of which players are or are not present (obviously sooner if everyone is on time). We will also do our best to end on time. Based on session pacing, we will most likely run a little long some sessions, and a little short other, but no more than 15 minutes either way.
  • Absences: Absent player’s characters will be “off screen” and controlled by the GM. They will rarely be “on camera” unless required for plot reasons. If you are going to miss a session, please provide 24-hour notice. Sessions without 3 scheduled players will be canceled 24 hours in advance, although if players want, they could pay for an empty seat.
  • Rules Debates: I try to run as RAW as possible. I also make judgment calls and house rules. If you’d like to debate a rule, I ask that you do it between sessions via discord. The rules in play stand until they change.
  • House Rules: You pick them. We will keep a list of house rules written out for the game, but if during session 0, the group wants to run a 3e D&D game using tri-gestalt classes, free +4 level adjustments, and some crit fumble table you love, that’s fine by me. 
  • Kicking Players: Look, I’m a mercenary GM here. I’m not kicking players because I don’t like them. I’m much more likely to decline to continue running the game entirely if the group and I don’t get along (which is best for us all frankly). In the weird event that everyone has decided they don’t want one player coming back, I am willing to be the one to tell them.
Adding Players

For introducing players to an in-progress game.

  • They will need to do a shorter session 0 with just the DM (and optionally other players).
    • Coordinated for an off-session time slot so it does not interfere with the scheduled game.
    • This second session 0 is mandatory for the new player, even if the rest of the group didn’t do one.
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